PhiaT is 15 years old, as of this writing in 2020. She has recently taken a break from her self-taught love of fashion, stage, and special-EFX makeup. Her attention has turned to mixed media art projects.

Using scraps and trash found around the neighborhood, she began turning junk into art. Shifting from makeup brushes to paintbrushes, friends began asking her to paint their phone cases. Inspired by the response and her long appreciation for friend and artist Brian Olsen, she accepted the challenge.

Now she paints everything she can get her hands on; tables, scrap wood, pieces of paper, clothing, and more. Inspired by a trip to the thrift store PhiaT grabbed her brushes and started painting albums. Soon people were commissioning her to create custom vinyls for them.

No one knows where her interests will take her next. One thing is for sure, her determination and no fear approach to creativity will continue to grow. Inspiring herself and others to create, explore, and live life to the fullest

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Why Choose Me

If you are interested in original art and supporting a young artist, then I am your gal. I love seeing people enjoy my latest creations.

How It Works

Some of my designs are printed on demand. Other original pieces are one of kind. For this reason, they may ship from different locations.


Check out my creations here